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Join us for our first class at the Aligned Center in Irvington, NY:

1/17/18, 1/31/18, 2/14/18, 2/28/18, 3/14/18

The Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah


Location: The Aligned Center in Irvington

1 Bridge St Suite 64, Irvington, NY 10533

The ancient Hebrew mystical tradition of Kabbalah has been providing spiritual seekers a unique technology to access our inherent ability to transform ourselves and our world for generations. Though recently Kabbalah has been popularized by The Kabbalah Centre it has a rich history with a wide corpus of literature. In this seminar, Rabbi Ben Newman will provide a basic introduction to some of the history, ideas, texts, and practices of this ancient wisdom, followed by a discussion. 

 Kabbalah Wellness Workshop

March 28th and April 25th. 6:30-8pm.

The Aligned Center,  1 Bridge St Suite 64, Irvington, NY 10533.

These personal development workshops were created in collaboration with Rabbi Ben Newman (founder of Shtiebel) and Jennifer Convissor, LCSW, RMT (founder of Infinity Wellness and LiveWork Solutions).  Learn how the wisdom of ancient Jewish mysticism, Kabbalah, applies to and complements modern day psychotherapy.  This is creative, interactive workshop and can be applied to any group that is seeking deeper insight into their personal challenges and the inspiration to find their inner strength. 


Here are some of our future offerings:

  • Hebrew
  • Kabbalah/Jewish Mysticism
  • Torah/Haftarah Leyning
  • Meditation
  • Service leading
  • Jewish music
  • Lifecycle event leading
  • Philosophy
  • History
  • Kabbalah Wellness Workshops

Rabbi Ben Newman will be teaching a series of classes throughout the year at the Aligned Center in Irvington. Check out our calendar page for more details. For videos of past sessions and other educational videos, click on the button below which will take you to our resources page:



Last year Rabbi Ben Newman taught a Kabbalah class series at Temple Beth Shalom in Hastings on Hudson, NY. For videos from this class and other educational videos, click on the button below which will take you to our resources page:



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