concierge Packages:


Independent Bar Mitzvah


Is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah approaching? This package includes 6 private lessons with the rabbi- including one family meeting, skills assessment, and ceremony officiation.

Add ons include:

-Torah procurement fee: $250 Torah rental fee      

-Extra lessons with the rabbi: $100 per lesson




This package includes 2 pre-marital spiritual counselling sessions with the rabbi, ceremony planning assistance, and local wedding officiation.

Add ons include:

-For wedding outside the Westchester, NY area: Add $200 plus travel expenses.

-Extra sessions with the rabbi: $100 per session.


Baby Naming Ritual


Includes planning, spiritual counselling and naming, bris or naming officiated by the rabbi at private ceremony or during a service.


Joining the Tribe


Do you want to join the Jewish tribe? This package includes individualized study with the Rabbi every 6 weeks for at least a year, unlimited Shtiebel classes, a mikvah date and Beit Din.


Saying Goodbye


This package includes spiritual counselling and meeting with the Rabbi, coordination with hevrah kaddisha (if requested), and funeral service (graveside and/or other location) including eulogy (if requested).


Custom Ritual

Do you need to have a ritual that isn't listed here? The Rabbi will work with you to design and perform the ritual. This package includes two meetings with the Rabbi to design the ritual and the ritual itself.