Calling all freaky Jews
All misfit Hebrews
All fan boys and girls
All Creepy freakey deekey converse wearing Semites from around the world
All bop Kabbalah beatniks

all transgender peaceniks
All the friends of Zalman
All the maggidim
All the neo-Hasidim
All "alternative" members of the tribe
All Emma Goldman activist scribes
All people of the book with an agnostic vibe
All of Judah's atheists
All believers in ein Soph's infinite radiance
And Inspiration And Pure consciousness
And Pure love that's spontaneous
And Justice that is impervious
And the balance which splits like a radius
The Jazz Between form and content

All who want to celebrate every meal
All who find their spirit in their jam
If that's your shpiel
All who want to mix and remix
If that's what you bring
It's all going out to you
Do you feel it too?
If at least some of these things aren't true
That's cool
I will give you a pool of Shuls to choose from
There are many institutions 

But not this one

This is for us
Our sanctuary
Our shtiebel
Our people
Where we were made to make memories
Mixing and remixing our Judaism
Finding ourselves in it's culture and teachings
And this is our davenning
Again and again and again

This is our spirituality
If you hear me
Do you hear this?
Come with me

Mordecai Kaplan said that no matter what you Believe
 as long as you are directed toward ethics and being in Jewish community you are on the right tree.

Let us not make an idol out of our institutions or god

The idols Abraham bashed
Let's be iconoclasts
Jewish iconoclasts
Celebrate our weirdness with me.
Meet me on the Hudson River
On a date real soon
Just after the full moon
We will croon
Bring your weirdness
And I'll bring mine
It'll be divine
Lets drink some wine
Move beyond time

Why are we here
The answer is in front of us
To celebrate who we are

to speak like music

to create and bring our gifts to the world
To find balance
And justice
truth and love

to unite below with above

on the wings of a dove

if you grok this vibe

this is your invitation

join our tribe