• We create Jewish culture, mixing and remixing it for our generation. Now is our time. We are writing our new chapter in this evolving ancient civilization.

  • Shtiebel draws on the depth and breadth of Jewish culture. Through music, food, art, and discussion we seek to inspire, connect, and transform our diverse members and the world.



Shtiebel’s mission is to nourish the spiritual, creative and intellectual needs of Jewish residents of the Rivertowns and beyond in collaboration and partnership with local institutions and community leaders.


The Shtiebel vision is to generate a new expression of Jewish engagement that supports the thriving of individuals, families and communities.


✡️  Creativity ✡️

We believe in the transformative power of individual creative expression.

✡️  Ethics ✡️

We value the pursuit of the highest standards of behavior toward each other and the world.

✡️  Inclusivity ✡️

We uphold a standard of conduct that recognizes and values the contributions of all. We foster a culture in which listening to and understanding our differences - across generational, gender, political, and other societal divides - is encouraged.

✡️  Simplicity ✡️

We believe in the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of that which distracts us from these things.

✡️  Wisdom ✡️

We value the power of learning and rigorous intellectual discourse.

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“The old shall be made new, and the new shall be made holy.”
— Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook