Home school hebrew school week 2- Parshat noach

 day one- Peshat/Face value of the text

Give over summary.


1) Why do you think God decided to destroy the world with a flood?

2) Have you ever wanted to destroy something you have created? Why or why not?

3) What do you think the people were doing wrong when they built the Tower of Babel?

4) Why do you think God made everyone speak different languages?

Watch G-dcast on Noach:

1) What does "righteous" mean?

2) When the Torah says that Noach was "righteous" what do you think it meant?

3) The raven didn't come back to the ark to help the other animals and the dove did. Which do you think was a better way to be?

4) Do you think Noach was more like the raven or more like the dove? Why?


Lending a Helping Hand.

As we heard in the G-dcast video yesterday, the raven did not come back to the ark to tell the people and other animals that the flood was over and the dove did. The raven cared only for himself and his own safety, while the dove cared about helping others. 

1) In what way have you acted like the raven in your life? Give specific examples.

2) In what way have you acted like the dove in your life. Give specific examples.

3) Is there a time when you should be more like the raven caring only about himself? If so, when?

4) Is there a time when you should help others and not yourself? If so, when?

Day Three- Hebrew


The word



This means "flood"


Mem with a patach underneath (the straight line) makes the sound ma- mem is m and the patach underneath makes it a


The second letter is bet with a dot inside. This makes the "b" sound.


Vav with a dot in the middle makes an oo sound


Lamed makes the "L" sound.

Put them all together and you have the word "mabul" which means flood.

day four- midrash

Rabbi Levi said: The whole twelve months that Noah was in the ark, neither he nor his family slept for even one minute because they were responsible for feeding the animals. Rabbi Abba son of Kahana said: He brought branches for the elephants... Now some ate in the second hour of the night and some in the third hour of the day, hence you know that Noah did not sleep at all. R. Yochanan said: One time, when Noah was late in feeding the lion, the lion bit him, and he went away limping. Tanchuma, Noah 14,p.42.

1) Why was Noah and his family unable to sleep on the ark?

2) Do you think it was a good thing that they were so busy feeding the animals that they didn't sleep?

3) Why do you think the lion bit him?

4) Is there another way Noah could have slept AND fed all the animals?